A poem to my sweet little daughter

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My cute and beautiful little lady

She smiles and makes me go crazy


With only her little warm hug

She makes my heart bleed pure love


With her curly blond hair

She swipes away any fear and doubt in the thin air


Her laughter is the music of my world

And I won’t ever change a note or a word


Her touch is so gentle

How could I ever be so scared of something so fragile


I am surprised and blown away

But now I can’t imagine my day in any other way


With her ocean clear blue eyes

She looks curiously beyond the sky


But then again she is shy and likes to hide

Only on daddy’s shoulders she is brave and loves to ride


She already knows how to be cheeky

So she plays the role so sweet and easy


I know I am weak

She has me wrapped around her little fingers but how couldn’t I be


She is my little angel, my everything and more

I will forever love and protect my little girl.










It’s been a hot minute…

Well, hello there!

It has been a very hot minute since my last post, nearly a year. Ups! Time fly’s by way too quickly.

A short update on what I have been up to this past year.

  • I participated in two writing contests, hosted by The Write Practice – The Winter writing contest and The Spring writing contest.

My two short stories have been published in the Short Fiction Break, an online literary magazine.

First one is called “The Hourglass”. Feel free to read it, the link is below.

The Hourglass

The second one is called “The Dignity”. Go ahead. 😉

The Dignity

  • I have written two children’s books, age between 3-5.

One is called “Who scratched the sky?” I was inspired to write this book after my big brother posted a picture on our family chat about the strange looking sky. I made a joke and then one thing led to another… long story short – in the end, it turned out into a funny book.

The second one is called “Baby Lady unicorn, who didn’t listen to her parents.” This story I wrote just before going to bed, my little lady (my toddler daughter Heidi) inspired me to write this story. I couldn’t fall asleep before I had it out on the paper and honestly, it was half an hour later and another story for a book was ready.

  • I sent a query for my book The Mirror: The Forgotten Land to an agent.

I was waiting for the answer between 2 to 3 months (it was a bit nerve-wracking). Unfortunately, the query was unsuccessful. But no hard feelings or upsetness. I remember I was so hyped when I saw the reply email. But it was a polite NO, so… oh well… it is a part of the game, isn’t it? But to be honest, I did send it to the second biggest publisher in the world… soo… I did aim straight for the stars. I can only imagine, what a heck of a winning dance it would have been if I would have gotten a confirmation from the agent 😀 … forever a dreamer!

  • I started on the sequel for The Mirror: The Forgotten Land.


  • And last but not least, I entered a Story Cartel course.

I have never participated in one before, but it is something new and I am ready to learn.


That’s about it for now. But it’s still only August, who knows what September has up to its sleeves 😉

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day! 🙂

Until next time.


I wrote my first children’s fiction book thanks to The Write Practice


It all started in the summer of 2016 when I made the decision that I want to write a book and publish it. Crazy decision, right?! But I was determined. I had my book idea and I started to write.

Fast forward to May 2017. It was very late in the night. I was all tucked up in my bed and just browsing the net for how to become a writer and what are the publishing options, and etc.

Then I accidentally stumbled upon the Write Practice site. And OMG! If it wouldn’t be so late in the night I swear I would have jumped up in the air! Such a great site.

My attention straight away grabbed the 100 Day Book program. I was intrigued to find out more about it! I swear it was not a coincidence (it was meant to be!) that there was a FREE webinar just a day later. I was so excited! I signed up for it straight away.

After watching the webinar I was so pumped up. It felt like I could write a book in a day! No joke! I was so inspired. The quote “Ideas are useless. Execution is everything!” just struck me and changed my perspective.

I wanted to sign up for the 100 Day Book program right then and there in the middle of the night. But at the same time, I didn’t want to rush into something (the morning is always wiser than the evening!). I decided and promised to myself to sleep on it and if it would still be a great idea in the next morning I would sign up for it. And guess what? The next morning came and the idea was just as great as the evening before.

I registered the same day and posted all the requirements on the site. My hands were shaking from the excitement! I just couldn’t believe I was doing it!

I have never written a book before. The only writing experience I’ve had was writing poems. I have been writing them since I was a teen. But all of those poems have never seen the daylight. (well…) Except one that I posted on The Write Practice site. But I don’t think that it counts as a writing experience. But it didn’t stop me anyway.

I entered the 100 Day Book program with a new book idea that I saw in my dream couple of nights before the FREE webinar. I went with it! I thought why not?! Let’s make these 100 days one fun adventure. And I don’t regret anything! It was a good decision. It was a fresh start. I was intrigued by how the story would develop. Because last summer (when I decided to write a book) I started to write a crime fiction book but I entered the program with children’s fiction book idea. Complete opposites. I never thought that adventures would be “my thing”. But I am glad I went with the new idea.

Here is the premise to understand what my book is about:

A fantasy book adorer Stella, the younger sister, discovers a magical mirror and teleports herself away. Her older brother Charlie goes after her into the unknown. They land in a dark and magical world. They are faced with adventures and dangerous situations when asked to help to free the Kingdom from the evil Wizard and the Witch, who has taken over the land.

On the 4th of August, I posted my last chapter. I had finished my book 3 weeks before the 100 Day Book program was over! I was to the moon and back happy! I would have never believed if someone had told me that I can write a book in 100 days or even under 100 days.

When I started I thought that people wouldn’t want to read my story or would find it boring. But I was proven wrong. I got great feedback after every post and fellow writers liked it. I was and still am incredibly proud of myself.

Now looking back I think the key to my success was that I started the program with low expectations so that I wouldn’t be heartbroken if something would go wrong or I would quit after 3 weeks.

To take the part in the 100 Day Book program was very important to me. I learned a lot of new things about myself. I learned my writing weaknesses and how to deal with them; my strengths and how to use them. I learned that I have favourite things and least favourite things to write about.

I learned that I am an expert in the procrastination. I never knew that it would be so hard to stay focused. To stay put and not to move away from the computer. But I found the solution. A big bag of jelly beans beside the computer was all that I needed. Definitely not the best nor friendliest solution for the figure, but it helped. Healthy stuff just didn’t do the trick.

Another great thing about the program was the writer’s community. It was and is awesome. English is my second language and people were very kind and understanding, very friendly and supportive. It is amazing to know that you are surrounded people who share the same passion as you do.

I would 100% suggest The Write Practice 100 Day Book program to anyone who wants to become a writer or already is a published author. It is a great writers community!


P.S. Here is the link to the 100 Day Book program TheWritePractice.com/WriteABook

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! 🙂

Till next time,